Your City-State and Mentor/Friends

This is step 3 in your Talian Legacy. To complete this task you must enter the comment box TRUTHFULLY or it will not work. First fill out once again your interests and what you wish to be when you are older. I still need your name to identify your results, and also in the box I will need the qualities you look for in a friend and what you think you are like. Results for you will be posted the next day on this very page. Please continue this is totally safe and free, plus no information will be solicited or used for bad.

Your Guide,



Madeline- You will travel to Giglia, the city where the Di Chimichi's palace is, and the art of perfume and lotions. At the local art and pottery/statue shop run by Giuditta, the most wonderful and skilled artist, who happens to be a Stravagante. She shall mentor you and you shall become very fond of her and form a wonderful bond. Your friends will be an artful and creative child abandoned at the orphanage who wants to work with you and Giuditta.