What is.... Talismans?

A Talisman is something that helps one Stravagante travel from their world to the other. A Talisman doesn't choose lightly though, and a Stravagante from one world has to bring it to the other, this way the other person can recieve it and use it. Usually a person who is meant to be a Stravagante travels to the other world because of their life is wrong either because of abuse, sickness, or emotional situations. The world they travel to also has a problem, that the new found Stravagante must solve. It sounds a little confusing, but when you read the books its all good. For example Lucien had Cancer and he needed to help the Duchessa. Georgia was abused by her brother and needed to help with Merla and the Stellato. Sky didn't even know his father and his mother was sick and needed to help with the fued between the Di Chimichi and the Nucci. Another thing is that Talismans relate to the Stravagante's life and the city they will visit.

LUCIEN- Book for he liked to hear his dad read and it was made in Bellazza
GEORGIA- Winged horse she bought because she like horses and Remora had Merla the flying horse and was full of them
SKY- Perfume bottle left on his doorstep mother made perfume and Giglia was known for it's medicine and scents

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