What is.... Talia?

Of course I have been mentioning this place called Talia alot. Well in fact Talia is the other world that holds places like Bellezza and other cities. IN fact it is a country much like modern day Italy, but different too. Since Talia is in the 16th century that is why everybody who lives there is so "old timey". The people who travel between time from England to Talia always have a certain city-state to go to. For Lucien it was Bellezza, for Georiga it was Remora, and for Sky it was Giglia. They are brought to Talia by Talisman. Now, I have mentioned other things like Talismans and Stravagating, so if you need to know more about that go under the What is..... bar again!! For a map of Talia mouse over What is.... and then mouse over What is.... Talia with the arrow and click on the bar that pops out!!!