What is.... Stravagating?

Well Stravagating is when one person travels from Talia to England, or England to Talia. Basically it is going throught time, space, and world periods. Only certain people can do it. This is the brotherhood of the Stravagante, even though there are girls. They are very powerful because they know secrets of both world and weapons, medicince, and so on. Though the Stravagante would never use it for evil. A Stravagante is in fact what they call the travelers. They must have a Talisman that allows them to travel. Stravagante act as one and usually a Talian Stravagante, (One that lives in Talia and travels to England) mentors, befriends and/or watches over a England Stravagante. (One that lives in England and travels to Talia)
You stravagate at night in your world, because that means it is day in the other. You simply fall asleep with your Talisman thinking of the place you are going to. Though not everyone can complete this difficult task. I have mentioned stuff like Talia and Talisman, so if you want to learn more about those things simply mouse over What is.... and click one of the pop-up tabs of your choice!