What is.... Di Chimichi?

As you know, there always has to be an evil force in a book. In Stravaganza, it is almost always the Di Chimichi. They are a long family chain of great descendants who have the ambition to take over all of Talia! They have conquered all City-States in the Country besides Bellezza. One thing they especially want though is the power of the Stravagante. They want to harness it for evil, like going into the 21st Century and stealing/hoarding weapons like firearms and swords, plus modern-day technology Talia dosen't have. This way they could threaten the country and it's people with a force they wouldn't be able to defend. Then the Di Chimichi could rule and have all power. They are the largest and most rich family in all of Talia. They gained their fortune by selling perfumes, lotions, and medicines. their rivals, The Nucci, are just as rich yet not as powerful, they made their fortune from wool. Rivalry between the two families has been raging forever. Although some Chimichi such as Falco and Gaetano are not all so bad. I have mentioned other things like Stravagante and Talia, If you want to know more about theese subjects, mouse over What is.... and select from the pop out bar!