City of Stars- Summary

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This story starts out with a troubled girl named Georgia O' Grady who lives with her mother Maura and step father Ralph. Worst of allshe has a wicked step-brother named Russell who torments her when Ralph and Maura aren't home. He blasts loud music, breaks into Georgia's room, steals and breaks her stuff, but worst of all Russell torments her through painful words. The only time Georgia can escape from her terrifying home-life is when she is out riding at the lessons SHE paid for herself. Horses seem to be one with her, so when she passes an old antique store with a little winged horse it connects with her. From then on Georgia decides to save up money. On one day coming home from school she decides to buy it. but she CAN NOT let Russell see, Geargia can just know that the fragile statue in her hand would have it's wings off in no time. Carefully sneaking pass her brother's door Georgia slams hers shut, locking herself in for the rest of the night. She carefully tucks the little horse away and heads for one of Maura's gut wrenching dinners. When finished Georgia skulks back to her room tired and still hungry. She falls asleep with the little horse in her hand and is very suprised to wake up standing in an old rennasance stable instead of falling into sleep!!!! The young boy crouched down looks at this strange person. The stableboy take Georgia as a boy for her short hair and flat chest. Georgia realizes she has been mistaken again as boy to the young man she found out was name Casear.