Summary- City of Masks

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This heart-stopping adventure starts out with a young guy, Lucien Mulholland, who is sick with Cancer and under chemotherapy. He lives in England. Cancer seems to be getting worse but the only upside for Lucien is that his father is worried sick, but spending more time with him. One day Mr. Mulholland Gives Lucien a beautiful pruple and red marbled notebook which he found. The father tells stories to his son of how the gorgeous notebook was made in a city that floated on water with domes, lagoons, and lots of gold! His father was talking about modern-day Venice, but when Lucien falls asleep that night thinking of the island city, he wakes up in Bellezza! A magnificent city remarkbly alike to Venice, yet values silver more. Bellezza also has finer history and architect. Lucien feels odd until he realizes that he has his strength back, and his hair!! Cancer dosen't affect him here. Arianna, a main charecter in this story, finds him wandering around Bellezza's Pallazzo in odd tight clothes. Of course she is not use to seeing sights like this, but since she is so kind-hearted Arianna goes down to help the befuddled boy and gives him her man's clothes she was planning to use in a plot that would get her a job. Furious, the girl lets it out on Lucien. That was until she found out he didn't have a clue where he was. She decided to get him out of the main square, and quick since the were not supposed to be there. It was the forbidden day, and if cought they would die.....