The Author of the Books- MARY HOFFMAN

Photo of Mary Hoffman, STRAVAGANZA's Author
And I, Stefania just wanted to thank this wonderful lady for actually visiting the site and emailing me! She really loves her readers!!!
Mary Hoffman is a renowned novilist born in Britin. Her first book was published by Rex Collings in 1975. This book was White Magic. Hoffman achived a scholarship to an all girl's school, Jame's Allen's Girl's School in Dulwich. From then on she continued to the University or Cambridge to study English at  Newnham College. Mary Hoffman then spent another two years studying at University College London. She was a self-employed author open and free to jobs since the mid-90s. She was made an Honarary Fellow of  Library Association in 1998 for her work with children and schools. She then worked at the Open University for about 5 years, contributing for teachers on reading, literature, (1975-80) and children's literature. Hoffman then worked for 18 years for the BBC TV's Look and Read Series. (1997-95) She wrote the teaching scripts. Hoffman lives with her husband, cats, and has 3 grown-up daughters. Her home currently is in Wert Oxfordshire. Many Teen Fiction books other than the Stravaganza Series like Special Powers or the Falconer's Knot, and more. Mary Hoffman, we value you skills!!