Charecters- City of Masks

Lucien and Arianna by Neri-Chan (DevianArt)
Arianna> A gutsy young girl who lives on one of Talia's Islands around Bellazza main charecter meets Lucien in the Pallazzo (Hair: Chestnut/Brown Eyes: Purple)
Rodolfo> A older man who is the greatest Stravagante and scientist, very close to the Duchessa and becomes Lucien's friend and mentor (Face: Hawk-Like Wears: Black Cloak)
Duchessa> The ruler of Bellezza and his highly worshipped, close to Rodolfo. Has been sleek ruler for long. (Body: Tall/Sleek Eyes: Purple
Doctor Dethridge> An old man who lives far away from Bellezza. First ever Stravagante, comes from England. Has funny accent. (Body: Hunched
Hair: Pure white)

 Rinaldo Di Chimichi> A member of the Chimichi family, goal is to conquer Bellezza and assasinate Duchessa. (Age: Older Hair: Grey/Black)
Enrico> A personal spy to Rinaldo Di Chimichi who's goal is to spy on Arianna, Lucien and the other Stravagante. (Body: Short/Skinny Wears: Blue Cloak

Lucien> Main charecter, sweet and sometimes shy tries to make everyone happy protective yet fierce at same time lives with mother and father, friend to Arianna has a little crush on her :) (Hair- Curly Black Trains: Apprentice to Rodolfo)