Charecters- City of Stars

The Stravaganti by Neri-Chan (DevianArt)
Casear> The young boy who becomes friends with Georgia and first meets her in the stable was supposed to race in the Stellato (Body: Tall/thin Wears: Stableboy clothes)
Paolo> Georgia's mentor and older helper much like Rodolfo to Lucien father of Casear and owner of the stables Horsemaster (Age:Older Occupation: Horsemaster/Stravagante)

Duke Niccolo Di Chimichi> Father of Falco and Gaetano, overall Chimichi leader and makes descision for all Chimichi's future (Hair: White Body: Aged/Stooped)
Falco Di Chimichi> Son of Duke Niccolo brother to Gaetano has crippled leg from horseback accident sweet and determined one of the NOT BAD Chimichi (Hair: Curly/Black Eyes: Brown)
Gaetano Di Chimichi> Son of Duke Niccolo brother to Falco knew about his younger brother's relationship with the Stravagante, kind and open proposed to Arianna because of his father (Face: Ugly Body: Tall)
Ferdinando Di Chimichi> Brother of Rinaldo Di Chimichi future all-over Chimichi leader (DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE)
Enrico> Spy charecter who now serves Duke Niccolo instead of old employer Rinaldo Chimichi introduced in first book (Body: Short/Skinny Wears; Blue Cloak)

Francesca Albani> Cousin area of the Chimichi loves Gaetano lives in Bellazza after forced marriage to and elder citizen (Face: Fair Wears: Fine Dresses)

Georgia> Main charecter of story mistaken for a boy alot travels to Remora friends with Casear/Alice 'guide' is Paolo abused by brother Russell (Hair: Short/Brown Wears: Loose/Baggy clothes/Piercings) APPEARENCE CHANGES THROUGH BOOK
Russell Lewis> Georgia's step brother son of Ralph Lewis despises Georgia and  Maura mentally abuses/hurts Georgia (NO DESCRIPTION AVAILABLE)
Alice> Georgia's best and only female friend quiet and sweet owns horse Truffle in Devon at her father's home (Wears: Fashionable Hair: Brown/Medium Length

Merla> Flying horse (BlackFemale)
Starlight> Merla's mother  (GreyFemale)
Arcalengo> Horse ran for the race (Stellata) (ChestnutMale)