OKay, I haven't visited the sie for a few days, so the Shoutout page hasen't been started on yet. BUT The newsletter has been updated. (Which is very helpful) and I would check it everday! Anyhoo, today I saw the best movie known to man, about horses, and I am ready to drop down dead, and go to bed. Hey! That ryhmes! I will try to update more often. Until the Shoutout page is done, here is one I have to give out to a random person who voted for our weekly charecter poll! I don't know who it was though, so that is why I said random.



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    A Little Bit About... STEFANIA

    Hi I am Stefania and thanks for coming to my site! I am a big fan of the Stravaganza series, and thought I should make a website to show it!


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