OKay, I haven't visited the sie for a few days, so the Shoutout page hasen't been started on yet. BUT The newsletter has been updated. (Which is very helpful) and I would check it everday! Anyhoo, today I saw the best movie known to man, about horses, and I am ready to drop down dead, and go to bed. Hey! That ryhmes! I will try to update more often. Until the Shoutout page is done, here is one I have to give out to a random person who voted for our weekly charecter poll! I don't know who it was though, so that is why I said random.

It is me again! 10/04/2010
Hehe, okay so it is me Stefania again. I wanted to do a shout-out thanks to ym Aunt's friend Irene for commenting AND reccomending the site! I just wanted to say I am making a library trip soon, so I will do my best to check out City of Flowers and get all the information in a blink, m'kay?? So you guys hold tight. The newsletter has been updated for today, so check it out! Okay now I am a little bit dazed because the site means so much to me, but this week is something called the Alltech. If you want to know what that is, comment on this blog! I reply to every single one anyway. So once again, comment, view and do whatever you have to do!

Check the Newsletter please,
Oops, Sorry! 10/03/2010
Wow okay you guys!!! Well I have been away from the site for god knows how many days, but I just got some very encouraging comments from 2 people who are new to the site and love it! So I would like to thank Marcus and Cate for that. You will be happy to know that I will now check the site more frequently,  and once I check out the City of Flowers to skim over again, the long awaited City of Flowers section will be on!

Love you all,

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